About Us

“El Rowad” company lunched in 1990 to become a few years later an example of growth and development, and today’s pioneers of the possibilities and the financial capacity and managerial enjoy in addition to the excellent reputation to make it a leading provider of equipment rental services at the level of the governorates of Egypt companies where the pioneer company has proven its ability to meet the needs of various clients in all areas of rental forklift and telescopic cranes offered by.

The company has come to meet the demand for rental services growing equipment professionally through the provision of modern equipment through short leases and medium and long-term comprehensive leasing daily, the company also provides professional and alternative equipment operators, and consists of a fleet pioneers of modern heavy equipment and a variety of meet requirements market.
The company specializes in the Forklift rental various kinds. (ForkLift , clamp in different sizes, Bale Clamp, Stabilizer Forklift, Telescopic Forklift (Telehender), Scissor Lift)
Working pioneers company fleet consists of more than 70 Forklift, and ratified several contracts with local partners and Multi-National companies and boasts pioneers providing excellent services to its customers that combine both quality of service and flexibility and rapid responsiveness to customer requirements at the same time.